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Cee Lo Green and Parody of the Moment


The song has been around for months — and so have some parodies — but an argument could be made that Cee Lo Green‘s “Forget You” (the radio version of an originally more profane chorus) has just been hitting the big time. After last week’s Grammy Awards, searches for “Cee Lo” on YouTube spiked to the highest that they’ve ever been, and remain at a level much higher than before.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that YouTube is seeing an parody influx of both versions of the song. The parody of the day that’s hitting our Most Shared list is this take from the George Washington University Law School, of all places. Be warned, however: lots of profanity in that one and some of the others.

Here’s a playlist with 10 clean ones — of varying quality — from just the past month:

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Barbra Streisand-101 Biggest Celebrity Oops

Streisand at Governors' Ball following 1995 Emmys

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Barbra Streisand makes it as # 21 on 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops on E channel!!! It’s really funny to see this!! Guys can we please keep the comments G rated here, thank you! What these people are saying didn’t hurt Barbra and we know that she is great so we don’t have to get ugly.

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