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Runescape PK Video I Mahatma I – This is why I’m MM

Youtube Runescape Pk Video, This is Why I’m MM

I mahatma I shows how it’s done in this old skool RuneScape wildy pk video. This was way before the 3d update years ago. This was truely the golden days of Runescape Wildy (i know its mispelled, I have ADHD and I can’t be fucked retyping it, I rather type this sentence! 🙂 And im Dutch, so give me a fucking break.

The music in this video is fucking awesome drum n bass‘ , really gets you in the zone, but it’s not for PKing on Runescape, for player killing you should use sick dubstep or something like Linkin Park.

I might put up a “What you should listen when you are PK’ing in any PVP Game”




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