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Trending: Popular Abroad: Berry Confrontation

Popular Abroad: Berry Confrontation

By Kevin Allocca 2:35 PM | Categories: 
The clip below — which been seen over 400,000 times and commented on over 3,000 times — has been trending this week in Scandinavian and Baltic Countries, where it’s drawn a big audience. While it was posted this week, it is said to have been shot in 2009. According to the description, it involves an Estonian man and Finnish police officers squaring off over the sale of some berries at an outdoor market.

While it may seem like a simple “standoff” clip, the uploader suggests altercation is symbolic of a labor issue in the region, where customs officers in Finland have reportedly been cracking down on the import of Estonian berries and mushrooms, which are produced at much lower cost and passed off as Finnish.

(Contains strong language.)


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