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No1s Perfect PVP PK Vid 4 – “Quick KOs” Runescape PVP Video

'The Jagex name and logo was originally used b...

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armadyl godsword
sara swords etc ..

No1s Perfect pking in the new pvp worlds with tons of quick knockouts kos, pking with whip sara sword dharoks veracs

proving i dont need an ags to pk


RuneScape is a game owned by JaGex, I do not own RuneScape or JaGex and do not intend to infringe any copywrights. This video is purely made for entertainment purposes and I am making no money from it.

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Runescape Top 10 Stakes – Week 10


Check out this weeks winner!

– I do NOT accept edited clips
– All entries must be submitted as a video response to this video
– Try to keep them under 1 min long
– You must be subscribed to have your clip used
– By submitting a video response you are allowing me to use your clip
– Good luck next week guys!

The song in my intro was made by…

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Runescape New Wilderness Lure 600M+ (Santa,H’ween Masks)


Hey guys, a very new lure video. Not by me! I advertised this video to show luring still works!

since the wildy/free trade came back we started luring.
now we already lured over 1b+
these are the clips from 10 hours-15 hours luring

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Runescape PvP 3 ~ DikBil~ “stronger” ~DikBil ~ part 1/2


DikBil pvp video 3 🙂

95 att
95 str
70 def
99 range
70 pray
99 mage
99 hp
01 summ

tags : made by DikBil aka weerdonerd

weerdonerd weerdo nerd dikbil pvp worlds player vs player pking pkin player killin killing ice burst blitz barrage void d bow ko koed owned ownd ownt knocked out i eat a bananna zerker pure berserker pure rune pure maxed hybrid initiate bandos armadyl saradomin zamorrak arma sara zammy armor fire cape torso fury pked ags whip bounty hunt bountyhunter bountyhunt bountyhuntin bountyhunting bounty huntin hunting bh Bher penalty brews sharks max hit and the last thing is zomg i made first pvp pk vid / video

Most of my videos contain images or content from Runescape. Runescape is owned and operated by Jagex Limited (“JaGeX”), I Do Not own Runescape i make videos for entertainment purposes.
All music used in my videos is purchased or royality free.
You Can Play Runescape At:

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