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‘Renaissance’ No1s Perfect PK Video – Piety Ownage

Please rate this video guys! This video took a lot of effort and time to make, getting good enough clips with 100% piety wasn’t easy.

Check out the editors channel, he spent a lot of time making this and without him Renaissance wouldn’t have been made!

Check out my 2nd channel!

My next PK video will feature hybriding and turmoil.

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A few recipe cooking videos from SoGood.TV

Grilled Steak Sandwich

Mini-Burgers, Bistro Style

Healthy Choices and Easy Vegetable Side Dishes

SoGood.TV: Classic Omelets and Frittata

SoGood.TV: Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Pasta, Italian Wines

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Amazing Multi-Weapon Montage by DnB Oos (MW2 Gameplay)…
Click above to watch another MW2 Multi-Weapon Montage By DnB Oos!

Modern Warfare 2: Amazing Multi-Weapon Montage by DnB Oos (MW2 Gameplay)

A Modern Warfare 2 gameplay montage featuring clips using a variety of different guns and class set ups. Gameplay and editing by DnB Oos.

Director’s Channel:


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Inside Gaming

Machinima Respawn

Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture



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NEW iPad 2 Predictions And Analysis. + Free iPad for you

The iPad on a table in the Apple case

Image via Wikipedia

hymanvenchymanven | February 07, 2011

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