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How To Get Your Partner To Watch Porn

How to watch porn with your partner
Sex Tips For Men:
How To Get Your Partner To Watch Porn

If you love watching porn, and your girl is not a porn fan, then watch this dirty, sexy little film, which will show you how to get your partner interested in naked people, blue movies and erotic art. Good luck tiger!

The video can’t be viewed in embed mode ( I found out after uploading this post ) Just click on the videojug link or go to youtube to watch it!



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How To Be Sexy Eating Messy Food

Lol, pretty funny video on how to be very sexy eating messy foods like chicken wings and such.


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Trending: Popular Abroad: Berry Confrontation

Popular Abroad: Berry Confrontation

By Kevin Allocca 2:35 PM | Categories: 
The clip below — which been seen¬†over 400,000 times and commented on over 3,000 times — has been trending this week in Scandinavian and Baltic Countries, where it’s drawn a big audience. While it was posted this week, it is said to have been shot in 2009. According to the description, it involves an Estonian man and Finnish police officers squaring off over the sale of some berries at an outdoor market.

While it may seem like a simple “standoff” clip, the uploader suggests altercation is symbolic of a labor issue in the region, where customs officers in Finland have reportedly been¬†cracking down on the import of Estonian berries and mushrooms, which are produced at much lower cost and passed off as Finnish.

(Contains strong language.)


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SpongeBob Square Pants in China Funny Youtube Video

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Yo Gotti – Hustle Hard (New Mixtape Song)

Yo Gotti – Hustle Hard (New Mixtape Song)

The Streets Made Me

Get The Mixtape

Cash Money Records…Yo Gotti!


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Corned Beef Hash I’m in Corned Beef Hash Heaven

Get the full story! Visit to get the ingredients, and watch over 200 free video recipes. Leave me a comment there. If you have questions, ask on the website. Thanks!!


I’m in Corned Beef Hash Heaven

When I’m cooking corned beef, watching it simmer in the aromatic broth, I’ll sometimes close my eyes and picture the delicious plate of food I have coming. The funny thing is, it’s not the sliced corned beef and cabbage I’m dreaming of, it’s the corned beef hash I’m going to be making with the leftovers.

There are certain dishes I would never talk someone into trying, or argue on behalf of its virtues. It’s one of those,¬†“there are two kinds of people in the world”¬†things. Either you really love corned beef hash, or you don’t eat it. It’s not a dish for the indifferent.

Now, that the non-hash people have stopped reading, let’s talk crust. As you well know, what separates a great hash from a transcendent hash is the “crust.” You can’t rush a corned beef hash crust – it’s built slowly, over medium heat, with multiple turnings and pressings, the meat and potatoes crisped and caramelized in the combination of butter and beef fat.

I’ve always felt it’s a¬†poached eggs greatest achievement to meet its end on a pile of perfectly crusty corned beef hash. In addition to the textural pleasures, it also features one of the food world’s greatest sights – the egg’s golden yolk slowly running over and through the steaming hash.¬†They¬†don’t know what¬†they’re¬†missing. Enjoy!

1 tbsp butter
1 1/2 pounds cooked corned beef, diced
1 1/2 pounds white potatoes, peeled quartered
1/4 cup prepared roasted tomato salsa
2 clove garlic, crushed
1 bunch green onions, white parts chopped, green parts reserved for garnish
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

Here are some more great breakfast video recipe ideas!
Sausage and Egg Pizza
Lemon Soufflé Pancakes
The Hangtown Fry
“Flattata” with Bacon, Potatoes, and Greens
Fancy Restaurant-Style French Toast



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Sexy Celebrity Oops All In One Wardrobe MalFunction nipslip Compilation

Amazing Wardrobe Malfunction Nipslips Video. It got alot of sexy hot and new celebrity pictures inside. Feel free to suggest more celeb oops pics Check it out on

Nipslip Wardrobe Malfunction Celebrity Oops Compilation Part 1 of 5









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Justin Bieber is a Gay Baby

Justin-Bieber Someb40D5FE8rev

Image via Wikipedia


Sup gee

So a lot of people hate justin bieber because they think he’s ‘gay’ or a ‘fheg’ and he looks and sounds like a ‘girl’ or ‘baby’ therefore justin bieber is a GAY BABY. LOLOL

To be honest, I have nothing against the guy, since I never knew who he was until recently, so no disrespect yo lol just playin roflolol

The vid is more funny if you know who justin boobie is and the songs ‘baby’ and ‘one time’

Lyrics: I cant berieve, why is it so cheap, this fkn beef, be dericious in my dim sim

Rap: When I was thirteen, I work the factory, ching chong ching bong etc suck my deek

Hope you all enjoy the video and subscribe!

You can purchase t-shirts here too! designed them myself!


Laters gee

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Arion – I`m Settled (Dubstep) New 2011 Amazing Dubstep

Arion – I`m Settled (Dubstep) New 2011 Amazing Dubstep Mp3 Songcheck it on

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Pablo Francisco – Mexican Comedian – Brokeback Mountain


DvDPlaya | December 14, 2006 |

pablo francisco


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